An all-in-one solution for the modern remote worker

A standard of living

Work spaces with Latest tech

Total freedom combining work and travel

Driven by automation

Stop paying rent and Settle in

Availabilities in March

Creating a standard for


Our affordable apartments offer the same rent prices as you would pay at home, and feature high-quality bedding for a comfortable night's sleep. Located in safe and quiet districts across major European cities, you can immerse yourself in the local culture.


Built for remote work, Settle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in every location. You will never miss a meeting due to a bad connection. Our high-tech setup is specifically designed with remote work in mind, providing the perfect balance of comfort and productivity.


Experience the convenience of a keyless check-in process and the flexibility of a month-by-month reservation model with our tech-powered apartments. Our cutting-edge technology makes it easy to book and check-in, providing a seamless and stress-free experience.

A home in every city

A home in every city

Furnished and fully equipped

The Drawstring Canister is water and tear resistant with durable canvas construction. This bag holds up to the demands of daily use while keeping your snacks secure.

Printed photo of bag being tossed into the sky on top of grass.

Affordable, Pay rent like at home

Looking for an affordable place to call home while traveling or studying abroad? Our apartments offer the same rent prices as you would pay at home, making it easy to budget and save money.

Double stitched black canvas hook loop.

Safe, quiet districts across major European cities

Stay for a month and be a local in one of our centrally located apartments. Book your stay today and start your journey in a new home away from home.

Black canvas body with chrome zipper and key ring.


Comfort of a hotel, but at home

Experience the comfort of a hotel in the privacy of your own home with our comfortable apartment bedroom. The room features a plush queen-size bed and en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower. Relax and unwind in the luxurious amenities of a hotel while enjoying the convenience and privacy of an apartment.

nomad setup with screen, chair and desk

A workstation designed for efficiency

A workstation designed for efficiency

An optimal working setup with best-in-class amenities

Ergonomic Office chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Standing Desk

Jarvis Hardwood

HD Webcam

Logitech C920x HD Pro

Green screen

Keep it low key during meetings

4k Monitor

LG 27GN88A-B

Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron - K8

Wireless multitask mouse

Logitech MX Master 2


RØDE NT-USB Microphone

Fast Wifi


Internet speed


Bright indoor Lighting

Never forget to bring dongles or chargers

Partnerships with local coworking offices

A workstation designed for efficiency

Travel experience optimized
for remote workers

Month by month reservation model

→ No more overpriced Airbnbs

→ Never get stuck in a ”bad Airbnb”

One card opens all

→ No more long check-in exchanges

→ Enter and exit whenever you please

Selection of european cities

→ No more overpriced Airbnbs

→ Plan your stays ahead

Available in April '23

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