Nomad Validated
Studio is located in Ursus/ Skorosze with security. A few playgrounds, a grocery store, post office, hairdresser etc. Parking space available free of charge. A small terrace with a sofa and coffee table, and a miniature garden.

Public transport to the city center (bus 517 direct) and Chopin airport (1 change) 25-35 min, a bus stop nearby.

The space
37 m2, kitchen annex, sleeping annex.

Guest access
full access

Other things to note
1. Don’t lose the keys, please.
2. On leaving the flat close all the windows and lock the entrance door.
3. Don’t make noise between 10 pm - 9 am.
4. Don’t smoke in the flat or on the terrace.
5. No shoes/boots on the carpets.
6. Sort and recycle rubbish.
7. Inviting guests over, throwing parties are forbidden.

Before showering put a towel on the floor close to the shower door, and afterwards wipe the floor and the silver panel of the frame (the one on the floor) – it gets wet and limescale grows quickly if moist is not dried regularly.
Frying pans are in the oven. If you plan to bake/roast, empty the whole oven before turning it on – there are some items stored inside.
A PAPER bin is under the desk. In the kitchen under the sink there is a big container for PLASTIC AND METAL, a smaller one for MIXED RUBBISH, the smallest for BIO (veggie/fruit leftovers). I throw away GLASS without storing (temporarily you can put it in the bucket on the terrace). The bathroom rubbish is MIXED category.
A vacuum cleaner, an iron station and an ironing board in the wardrobe. Detergents and cloths, rubbish bags in the bathroom or under the sink.

Try to save water and electricity.
Enjoy your stay :)
AmenitiesThe essentials for a remote worker
High Speed Wifi
Ergonomic Office chair
Standing Desk
HD Webcam
Green screen
4k Monitor
Mechanical Keyboard
Wireless multitask mouse
SleepingRooms and beds
Common spaces
1 double bed, 1 floor mattress
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